Produced & Perfomanced by Lenzan Kudo

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tetsuya Abe ( HD-Impression )

Recorded at Music In Yamanakako ( November 21, 2016 )

Photo :  Lenzan Kudo

Design : Masanori Kataoka 

Executive Producer : Tetsuya Abe ( HD-Impression LLC )

Special Thanks : 

I appreciate Mr.Akira Nakajima (Re-Tem corporation  & Mr. Malcolm Thompson for

giving me the opportunity to make a solo shakuhachi album "回向 Eko". Also these songs were composed by meeting with friends in Kamakura city,Japan.

回向 for Yukiko Kudo

而今 for Naoko Goto

円相 for Koji Miki

掬水月在手for Lina Hori

生死事大 光陰可惜 無常迅速 時不待人 for Shun Suzuki

Yukiko Kudo(Singing bowl & Tibetan bell)

Takashi Nakamura(Hangi)

Lenzan Kudo  Shakuhachi solo
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